Sun One Organic Farm Site Assessment Version 0.1

This is the Site A&A I worked on this fall at Sun One Organic Farm in Bethlehem, CT.  The goals of creating this document centered around education and creating a structure for easier site A&A and better observation of patterns on site.  I wanted to be able to communicate what was happening effectively with someone who had never observed the land through a permaculture lens before.

Rather than treat this document as a normal first to last page book, it is better treated as a series of ponds that the reader can choose to wade in or not.  Links direct the reader to supplemental documentation concerning certain aspects of the A&A.

The site A&A was based almost entirely on the Scale of Permanence found in Edible Forest Gardens. Here is a shareable copy.(ODT) All files below are PDF.





Legal Issues & Illustration

Access and Circulation

Vegetation and Wildlife & Plant List


Buildings and Infrastructure

Zones of Use

Soil Fertility and Management





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