Project Management is paramount for Permaculture Design

Recently I began a new job doing project management for a green energy company. As part of goals and ongoing training I decided to look into the Project Management Professional (PMP)® training.

The most important part of becoming one of these professionals is to be versed in all the aspects of managing projects, the language involved, and the processes. All of these aspects are explained in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) booklet. You can purchase the updated 2013 edition from their site or download the 2000 version from here. Most of the fundamental aspects of project management do not change from the versions and can serve as a good education for permaculture design projects.

Reading through this manual has been super instructive for me and has already helped me through defining phases within the permaculture design process, which has been one of the more difficult aspects of permaculture for me to grasp.

Grab a copy and see if it helps you as well.




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